Plant Sale/Swap (Redwood Falls)

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East bridge st. near South Washington st.

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Plant Sale/Swap Saturday, May 18th in Redwood Falls off highways 19 and 71 at the old M&L parking lot at the corner of East Bridge St. and South Washington St. 10am - 2pm

Multiple flowering perennials great for cut flowers:
Penstemon, Veronica, Yarrow, Monarda, Spotted Beebalm, Crazy Daisy, Feverfew, Rue, Peony, Iris, Coneflower, Rudbeckia, and more. Many are named varieties. There are more that aren’t listed as I will be digging and potting this week too.

Vines: Love in a Puff, Cup and Saucer, ‘Moonshadow’ Hyacinth

‘Choco Chili’ Alternanthera - gorgeous vining plant that works great in hanging baskets, containers, and in ground. Can also be grown in ponds and water features.

‘Primrose’ Lilac Bush starts

3 varieties of Raspberries:
‘Anne’ - gold
‘Joan J’ - red
‘Prelude’ - red
All 3 varieties are thornless/ nearly thornless and everbearing which means they produce 2 easy to harvest crops a season in the summer and again in the fall.

Perennial walking onions

12 varieties of heirloom and uncommon tomatoes

8 varieties of hot and sweet peppers

Variety packs: A great way to try hard to find varieties and discover your new favorites…

Each 4pk of Watermelon contains ‘Yamato Cream’, ‘Strawberry’, ‘Wilson’s Sweet’, and ‘Royal Golden’

Each 4pk of Squash contains ‘Delicata’, ‘Honeynut’ butternut, ‘Mutabile’ zucchini, and ‘Success’ yellow squash

Each 4pk of Cucumber contains ‘Marketmore 76’, ‘Indian Snake’, ‘China Jade’, and ‘Beit Alpha’

If interested in swapping let me know what you have and see if we can work something out.

I am looking for large leafed hosta in gold, blue, and blue/gold variegation. For example ‘Sum and Substance’, ‘Frances Williams’ or ‘Guacamole’, and ‘Blue Angel’. They don’t need to be named cultivars, just ones that resemble those varieties.

I’m interested in anything uncommon. Perennial fruiting plants, houseplants I don’t have, ornamental plants, perennial and medicinal herbs, etc. I’d also consider garden art, decorative pots, trellises, cattle panels.

There will be other vendors selling plants, goods, and food as well.

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